Adopting A Dog

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Adopting A Dog

June 4, 2018 pet adoption 1

Here are some guidelines for adopting a dog.

1. Do you have enough room in your house? Dogs need room to and especially large dogs need plenty of space. You cannot put a dog in a cage or crate all day long as that is not fair to the dog.

2. Do you have enough free time to provide your dog with attention. You need to not just have time to feed him, but time to let him outside or walk him, and play with him. It is not advisable for dogs to be left alone for more then 8 hours at a time.
3. Can you give him at least an hour of exercise each day? You want to walk him or at least play with him for an hour or more per day.

4. Make sure everyone in your household is comfortable with the dog. And be sure no one is allergic to dogs or nervous around them.

5. Can you provide the medical care and nutrition for your dog? Simply buying a huge bag of generic cheap dog food and throwing it in their bowl is not providing the nutrition they need.

6. Can you afford to take your dog in for annual checkups, spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm, emergency visits, and any other needed pet supplies? It costs about $640 – $1,125 for the first year to care for a puppy. And the routine maintenance of an adult dog costs about $440 – $775 per year.

7. Do you have the patience and be able to handle frustrations such as barking, house-training, chewing, etc.?

8. Can you spend time on a consistent basis to train your dog to be obedient, socialized, and well-mannered? A polite dog will be more enjoyable and easier to handle in public.

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  1. Karen Meier says:

    I have had 5 pet stone markers done by Mike. He does a great job on designing the stone. I took in a photo of each of my Labradors and what I wanted inscribed on their stones and he took it from there. The photos on the stones are very life like and the he has the words spaced perfectly to fit the size of the stone. I am really impressed with his work. He goes out of his way to make sure that your stone is just what you wanted. I would highly recommend Mike and his company to design your pets stone markers.

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